Custom Templates

A custom template is created from a previously established model, trying as much as possible to keep the formatting, fonts, margins, and styles. It applies to forms, documents, tables, or any other type of document.


Easy transition
By keeping the same formatting used on paper, any user can easily transition without having to stop and think about how the document is completed.

As documents are automatically generated by the system, it is guaranteed that they all keep the same format, avoiding errors in fields that need to be updated such as dates, names, addresses, etc. It also ensures that all documents are generated with the latest version approved by the organization.

Many fields can extract dynamic information specific to the client in question without the manual insertion by the user, saving document creation time.

As they are digital documents, access to them is guaranteed whenever needed. 

Being stored in the cloud and encrypted, all access is controlled and limited to authorized personnel. 

Office Puzzle supports custom templates and offers a variety of pre-designed documents. If you need more information, just email us at