Client Management

Build with the concept that every patient is unique, you have the possibility of having unlimited clients associated with you.


Keep all your appointments under control by having a global calendar.

Data Collection

We understand the value of data, that's why we allow you to collect it however you prefer.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures will smooth the process for signing any documents and keep everything safe and secure.

Cloud Storage

Upload files to the cloud and keep them accessible to your providers.


We speak your language, so you don't have to learn ours.

Mobile App

Allow providers to stay productive using their mobile phones, have access to the information at all times.

Online Support

You are online, so are we. Click on the Live chat and start asking for help.

Secure & Compliant

Weekly backups, encrypted at rest, cloud-hosted, and HIPAA compliant. All this to avoid surprises.

Office Management

Keep track of your clients/providers from one single place. Each one with their own dashboard.

Billing Claims

Verify insurances, submit claims and check status all from one single application.


Keep track of outbound payments and allow providers to see this in real time.

Electronic Visit Verification

If you have your own EVV no worries, if you want to use ours even better.

Custom Templates

Use your own templates for your documentation. See how easy is now to generate appointment notes and monthly reports for your providers.

Activity Tracker

Keep control of your users by knowing what they are doing with a few clicks.

Bring your own domain

Keep your brand yours, use your own domain or let us give you one.


Communicate with your staff without having to use any other external tool.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Office Puzzle allows providers to shift focus back to patient care. All this while being compliant when performing their daily tasks. We use technology to solve most of the communication challenges, creating a more collaborative, transparent, and simpler exchange of information between providers, caregivers, and the agency staff. Whether you are an Agency or an Individual provider, Office Puzzle can provide the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive healthcare environment.

Behavior Therapy

Mental Health

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Home Health Aid

Let us help you

Office Puzzle platform includes a suite of tools for office management, document templates, activity, billing and payroll reports, data collection, calendar, online chat support, and mobile app. All this is behind a secured, HIPAA-compliant system tailored to specific needs.

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We believe in fair, affordable and transparent pricing.


Any solo provider or caregiver who wants to use the platform as an individual.
29.99per month
  • - Unlimited clients
  • - Unlimited documents
  • - Unlimited events
  • - Standard Templates
  • - Mobile App
  • - Electronic Signatures
  • - Data collection
  • - Charts & Graphs
  • - 1GB of cloud storage
  • - Email & Chat Support


For agencies who are looking an affordable EMR platform
19.99per user
  • - Everything in PROVIDER
  • - Unlimited users
  • - Custom Templates
  • - Announcements
  • - Billing Claims
  • - Payroll
  • - Activity Tracker
  • - EVV
  • - Multi-events
  • - Custom domain
  • - HR/Clinical Document Manager
  • - 100 GB of Storage


For larger organizations who require a more tailored solution


  • - Everything in AGENCY
  • - White labeled platform
  • - Custom workflows
  • - Email management
  • - Website management
  • - Billing management
  • - Unlimited Storage
  • - Phone support

They trust us

Since 2018, Office Puzzle have been working with Agencies to help them achieve their full potential. We have grown but so have them. Please find below some of our clients.

They certify us

We understand the value compliance and good practices, we have partnered with organizations that push us for excellency.

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